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TechEd 2013′s Hands-on-labs are better than ever!

TechEd 2013′s Hands On Labs (HOL) If you’re heading to New Orleans this year for TechEd 2013, be certain to stop by and put some time in at the Hands On Labs. I can say without exception that this year’s labs are the best I have seen.  You can work on Exchange technologies such as [...]

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OWA Offline Mode in Exchange 2013

I’ve had a few questions recently on Outlook Web App offline mode functionality on Exchange Server 2013.  As a general statement on my opinion, OWA 2013 Offline mode is a fantastic addition to Exchange 2013.  OWA offline mode is made possible by the HTML 5 offline standard.  While Outlook Web App Offline mode is a [...]

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So what is a vTSP or V-TSP?

My email signature contains just a few of the letters in my professional alphabet soup.  Obviously I promote the fact that I am a certified master on Exchange. And I do like to teach when I have time, so I have MCT in my signature.  But the one that gathers most of the attention is [...]

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5.4.6 NDR Exchange 2003 in a Hybrid Configuration with Exchange 2010 and Office 365

We are currently performing a migration from a troubled Exchange 2003 infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365.  After some discussion we determined that it would be prudent to implement Exchange 2010 in a hybrid configuration with Office 365.  Overall the implementation went smooth and we were linked with Office 365 in no time. I did run [...]

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It’s official – I am a Microsoft Certified Master on Exchange Server!

Most of those that know me are aware that I spent the last 3 weeks in Redmond attending rotation 14 of the Microsoft Certified Master training on Exchange Server.  The last 3 weeks were absolutely grueling.  We were in class 7 days a week, for 3 straight weeks.  The very first day we started out [...]

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Using the Admin Account Pool in Notes Migrator for Exchange 4.6 (Part 1)

I am currently working on a migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft’s Office 365.  As many of you know, Migrating data to Office 365 can be time consuming.  Many people are not aware of why this process is time consuming and they are not aware of methods for working through the migration speeds.  We recently [...]

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Where are my Outlook 2010 log files located???

I am currently buried deep in the midst of another issue with availability lookups or free/busy between Exchange systems.  Actually, this particular issue is between Office 365 and Quest’s Coexistence Manager for Lotus Notes.   As soon as we get the problem resolved, I’ll cover the particulars of this issue in a follow up post.  That [...]

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft Exchange is on a release cycle that has followed a 3-4 year timeline since Exchange 5.5 was released in 1997.  It should be no surprise that Exchange 2013 will be the next revision in the Exchange product line.  What was surprising is how it was announced – Microsoft announced Exchange 2013 alongside the new [...]

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Client RPC Latency in Exchange 2010

This morning we had an issue where clients using one exchange server were experiencing tremendous latency when using Outlook, OWA or ActiveSync.  The RPC Latency should never exceed 250ms, and this server was running around 2000ms.  After some troubleshooting, I was able to clearly identify the cause of the problem for the Exchange 2010 server….  [...]

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Hosted Domain Controllers in Windows Azure

Cloud computing technologies like Windows Azure have been creating a buzz for quite a while.  Personally, I had been reluctant to jump on the bandwagon.  I do very little work on our development projects as I spend my time on things like Exchange, Lync and Active Directory.  I was aware of cloud computing’s ability to [...]

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