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ADFS 2.0 for Federation and Single Sign On (SSO) with Jive

Frequently I need to use ADFS to create a SSO solution for hosted Exchange scenarios.  On occasion, I need to use ADFS to federate with other systems outside of the Exchange world.  This is one of those situations.  In this example, the client needed to use AD FS 2.0 to create a SAML compliant authentication [...]

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Cross Forest Availability (Calendaring) in Exchange 2010

We are in the process of migrating 3500 users to a recently built exchange platform as part of an acquisition.  To give executives the ability to schedule meetings between the two companies, we recently configured the availability service to provide cross-forest functionality.  The process is simple enough when you have a forest trust in place: [...]

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Mass migrations using Prepare-MoveRequest.ps1 – The Power of Powershell Part 1

I do not consider myself to be a PowerShell god, demi-god or even a Holy Half-Dead who has seen the Underverse (2 bonus points if you know where that came from!)  There are plenty of people who know PowerShell better than I do.  But, I have to admit that sometimes I get to the end [...]

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GR8 Microsoft Exchange Conference Presentation

First off, thank you to everyone who attended the GR8 Microsoft Exchange Conference yesterday.  I am hopeful that you were able to gather useful information from our sessions. In this post I have attached the slides for Performance and Scalability, Virtualizing Exchange and Migrating Exchange 2003-2010.  Since we didn’t finish the session on HA&DR, I [...]

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“Signature did not validate against the credential’s key” SSO error in Jive

The last few days have resulted in a lot of progress working on the intermittent issues that we are experiencing in our ADFS implementation providing SSO for Jive.  We have two errors that until Friday we could not track down. One of these was the SSO error “Signature did not validate against the credential’s key”.  [...]

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Authentication statement is too old to be used – Jive with ADFS for SAML SSO

We have been battling random error messages with the SSO subsystem in Jive and this one became more and more frequent – “Authentication statement is too old to be used”.  Our system is using AD FS 2.0 in a farm providing SAML 2.0 authentication support for Jive software. Initially support told us that the problem [...]

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