It’s official – I am a Microsoft Certified Master on Exchange Server!

Most of those that know me are aware that I spent the last 3 weeks in Redmond attending rotation 14 of the Microsoft Certified Master training on Exchange Server.  The last 3 weeks were absolutely grueling.  We were in class 7 days a week, for 3 straight weeks.  The very first day we started out lecture with Brian Reid who teaches transport.  Brian knows his stuff and fills your brain until it pours out of your ears.  His lecture on the first day ended at 9:33PM.  And we’re not talking any standard lecture here – there’s a lecture, and then there’s a Brian Reid Lecture.

The knowledge is beyond anything you can find on the internet, and I will be significantly better at my job as a result of what I learned.  But the problem becomes – how do you study for a final exam and a qualification lab?  I had thousands of slides, 400 pages of handwritten notes and 20 straight days of eye-strain induced headaches.  Whatever you do,  it’s likely that when you’re done,  you will spend a lot of time second guessing the answers you gave on the exam or the qual lab, and wondering if you could have done it better. But all one can do is wait for the results.

Well, the waiting is over for me – as of 44 minutes ago, I am officially a Microsoft Certified Master on Exchange Server!

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