OWA Offline Mode in Exchange 2013

I’ve had a few questions recently on Outlook Web App offline mode functionality on Exchange Server 2013.  As a general statement on my opinion, OWA 2013 Offline mode is a fantastic addition to Exchange 2013.  OWA offline mode is made possible by the HTML 5 offline standard.  While Outlook Web App Offline mode is a great addition, it doesn’t necessarily replace a full client for offline usage.

OWA Offline Mode Browser Requirements

At this time, OWA 2013 supports offline mode on:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 5 or greater on OS X
  • Google Chrome v24 or later.

Outlook Web App Offline Mode Limitations

Outlook Web App offline mode has the following limitations:

  • Email from the last 3 days, up to 150 total items will be available offline.
  • Your calendar will contain the previous month and the next year of appointments.
  • Calendar reminders will exist for a limited period of time.  If a computer is offline for a long period of time calendar reminders would no longer appear.
  • Archives are online only, and as such do not exist offline.
  • While contacts from your Exchange Server account are available offline, the auto-complete cache does not work.
  • Searching and sorting may not fully function
  • Attachments will not be available offline.

To me, the single largest end-user issue is the lack of attachments offline.  Be sure to instruct users to download attachments before hopping on that plane if they intend to review documents while traveling.

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