“Signature did not validate against the credential’s key” SSO error in Jive

The last few days have resulted in a lot of progress working on the intermittent issues that we are experiencing in our ADFS implementation providing SSO for Jive.  We have two errors that until Friday we could not track down.

One of these was the SSO error “Signature did not validate against the credential’s key”.  It turns out that the source of this issue is rather simple – the users failing to authenticate with SSO getting this error had a carriage return in their address field inside of Active Directory.  The address field in AD is a multi line field.  But most of our users had their address on one line.  But for the people that had the address <CR> suite # they were failing with the Signature did not validate against the credential’s key.  Removing the return in the address field solves the problem.

What we have not yet determined is: how are we going to resolve this.  AD has 100,000 objects so remediation could be tricky!

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