Where are my Outlook 2010 log files located???

I am currently buried deep in the midst of another issue with availability lookups or free/busy between Exchange systems.  Actually, this particular issue is between Office 365 and Quest’s Coexistence Manager for Lotus Notes.   As soon as we get the problem resolved, I’ll cover the particulars of this issue in a follow up post.  That should be a useful post, as it is a really cool configuration overall.

Back to the facts -

While working through the issue with Office365 tech support, I needed to enable logging inside of Outlook 2010.  And as an evolutionary next step, I needed to send my log files to the support rep.  Unfortunately when the time came, I could not find my log files!  Everything I found kept telling me to look inside of the user/appdata/local/temp folder for the Outlook log files.

Sadly, I have been through this about 2 dozen times before.  I always end up pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my logging isn’t working.  The answer of course is that logging is working, and I simply forgot the directory that it logs to…again.  As such, I wanted to help out other people that can not find Outlook 2010′s log files.

The log files are in the %temp%/Outlook Temp directory!

Stay tuned for the next post on the Notes-to-Office365 availability resolution.


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